Why I Use WordPress

Let’s start with a quick overview of WordPress

You have a few choices for platforms if you decide to build a website, but I have to say that WordPress is one of the best at being user-friendly and extremely customizable; it’s made for all skill levels!

It’s a content management system that allows you to use “themes” as a web design component to create your site. There are literally thousands of pre-built themes and versatile plugins available that allow you to create a site based on your needs. Strengthening your SEO efforts is much simpler with WordPress compared to some of the other options.

The platform is free and open source. I have personally used it to build 15 websites for small business over the last three years. You can literally create websites for e-commerce, blogging, membership or just an informational website.

WordPress is Great for Low-Budget Websites & Digital Marketing Campaigns

You can get up and running fast by using this free platform. Your only true hard costs are for hosting and domain name registration. While you can use a template or plugin that costs money, they are not required to create a website that looks stunning, but if you do decide to go that route, I’d suggest purchasing a low-cost prebuilt theme from Themeforest.net — they have web design professionals who create their themes.  If you’re fortunate enough to buy a theme with support included, you can reach out to the developers at any time with questions!

Typically, a domain name will cost around $10-$15 a year. Your hosting cost will run around $7-$15 a month. This makes the platform perfect for digital marketing campaigns. Depending on your industry, only a few conversions would need to take place in order to make your return on investment.

Flexible for Any Coding-Experience Level

The platform is designed for individuals who have no experience with coding. However, if you do have an understanding of HTML and CSS, you have the freedom to further edit your website to make it exactly what you wish.

While you can get by with almost no HTML or CSS knowledge, I highly recommend at least understanding the basics.

  • The actual difference between HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • Assigning appropriate header tags
  • Adding padding or margins to certain site elements
  • Creating anchor text
  • Etc etc

Support for WordPress Website is Incredibly Supportive

Since the platform is open source, it relies on developers, web designers and other enthusiasts to lend a helping hand of support when there’s a problem. The online community is located at WordPress.org and offers support if you ever have trouble with your site.  Another one of my favorite spots is /r/Wordpress (Because who doesn’t love Reddit?!)

You will also receive good support from popular theme sellers. Most of the situations I’ve been in, it makes much more financial sense to use a pre-built theme that’s been created by a web design professional as it only costs a few bucks.

Think about it another, why pay a freelancer or agency upwards of $6,000 to create you a FULLY custom site, when you can pay another as little as $1,500 to build a very similar site in a quarter of the time.

Great for Increasing Search Engine Performance

While building a website for your small business or other objective is important, it won’t get you very far if no one comes to visit. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play.  Fortunately, Google loves this site building platform.

The SEO-friendly themes are just what the search engines are looking for. Not to mention, the Yoast SEO plugin helps as well. You can easily add meta title or descriptions, canonical URLs, redirects, social shared markup and integrate with the Google Search Console.

But if you haven’t understood by know, creating quality content is the key to any successful SEO campaign.  Meta information can only get you so far, but they certainly help.

Endless Possibilities for Plugins

Another feature that makes the platform stand out are the thousands of plugins that are available for different purposes. These act like little apps that you can “plug in” to the system. They allow you to do things like improve SEO, backup your site or strengthen security. Here are some of the most popular ones that you may want to utilize:

  • Yoast SEO: This helps with search engine optimization. It takes care of the technical SEO aspects and helps you create content that that your audience will appreciate by offering help with readability.
  • Monster Insights: You can connect with Google Analytics by utilizing this application. With it, you can check out your real-time stats, gain insight into popular posts, track your AdSense ads or see who is clicking on your referral links — plus much more.
  • Insert Headers and Footers: When you need to add code to your headers or footers, this free app comes to the rescue. It quickly locates the correct PHP files so that you can edit your code.
  • Backup Buddy: When you go to all the trouble of creating content, you want to make sure that it’s not lost. This allows you to backup, restore and move your site.
  • WordFence: Keep your site safe by installing this app for security. It protects your data from vicious attacks from hackers and malware.
  • Broken Link Checker: It’s important to have each link on your site go to a specific page. When problems occur with your links, this alerts you so that you can remedy that problem.
  • Social Metrics Tracker: Engagement with social media is an important aspect of receiving and retaining an audience. With this resource, you can track your social network stats.

I Can’t Recommend WordPress Enough for Businesses, Portfolios, Blogs, E-commerce Carts and Other Websites

You can probably see why it’s easy for me to recommend the platform as my go-to website builder. The functionality, support and web design elements are second to none.  So far during my freelance career, every site I’ve built has been with WordPress (Including the website you’re on right now).  Even the few small agencies I’ve worked at almost exclusively used this platform.

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