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Project Overview


Forming close relationships with nearbly local businesses is something that I take great pride in.  What I take even more pride in is when my website design projects help those small businesses generate additional business that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

Chris, owner of Collins Carpets, first had a website created back in 2015 via Adobe Muse, but the website was extremely small and not built with the intention of a digital marketing campaign.  While it was adequate for displaying the services and contact information, it was not sufficient for acquiring leads.

I began talks with Chris in late 2017 to create a new website.  This being one of my first ever website designs for a small business, I didn’t want to take on more work than I could handle.

Disclaimer: The digital marketing campaign for this project has not yet begun, however the foundation is has been established for when the time comes.

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My Primary Focuses

Website Design

Using WordPress to create the website, I chose an easy-to-customize theme in order to meet the budget restrictions of the client.  This proved to be beneficial from a budgetary and timeline standpoint.

Search Engine Optimization

Chris wanted to ensure his website didn’t just sit unvisited, so I suggested SEO as part of an ongoing inbound marketing campaign.  While the full campaign still hasn’t begun, the foundation for it has been laid for when the appropriate time comes.

Graphic Design

Thanks to the Adobe Creative Suite, I was able to utilize Lightroom to touch up photographs, and Photoshop was useful to create any featured images, social media shared images, or other marketing materials.

How Can I Help You?

I’m committed to helping small businesses make a difference online!  A functioning, active, and engaging website is crucial for acquiring new customers and retaining current ones.  Having experience with performing SEO and website design for tech startups, I can offer competitive website and digital marketing packages or consultation services to ensure that your influence on the web grows.

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