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REC Philly

Project Overview


In 2014, I was invited art gallery in Center City by my good friend, Mike Scioli.  This art gallery was for local artists and photographers looking to showcase their work in an environment that was millennial-centric.  This gallery was hosted by REC Philly.  I grabbed stickers, met some folks, and always held REC Philly in the back of my mind as a company to watch.

Fast forward to May 2018, I was given the opportunity to work with Ryan and Dave of REC Philly to create them an updated website that would expand their local influence and help them acquire new members.  When presented with this opportunity, I took advantage of it.  Being in a band myself, I wanted to do what I could to help REC grow their membership, thus helping all creatives in the Philadelphia area.

The challenge with this project was that I needed to create two entirely unique domains: one to house the front-end website and the other to house the members-only backend portal.  Their original website was built with Wix, so I had to maintain the same level of functionality, improve the design and flow of the site, and lay the ground work for search engine optimization efforts.

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My Primary Focuses

Website Design

I used WordPress to create the front-end website because of its versatility and seemingly unlimited supply of plugins that would allow REC to fully convert their Wix website to WordPress over time.  The theme we chose was perfect way to display the millennial-centric content that the company publishes!

Search Engine Optimization

Upon examination of the original website, very little on the SEO front had been done.  No meta information, no canonical URLs, tough-to-navigate website, no Google Search Console, and much more.  To help REC Philly climb the rankings, it was essential to plug the holes and build out quality content.

Website Hosting

From purchasing new domain names to setting up a dedicated IP address for the new REC site, I was tasked with ensuring the functionality of the old website remained in-tact during production and after the launch of the new website all while having very minimal downtime.

How Can I Help You?

I’m committed to helping small businesses make a difference online!  A functioning, active, and engaging website is crucial for acquiring new customers and retaining current ones.  Having experience with performing SEO services and website design for creative agencies, I can offer competitive website and digital marketing packages or consultation services to ensure that your influence on the web grows.

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