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Project Overview


I utilized my skills as a digital marketer alongside a team that featured data analysts, programmers, business developers, and an experienced mentor.

For our capstone project, we competed against other groups in the senior class to identify and solve a profitable business need.  We sought to create a standardized management platform for makerspaces.  Ideally, our proposed software would be found in university campuses and would also assist with the procurement of various products, among other things.

Members of the team, including myself, further developed the business after graduation. Unfortunately, as of March 2018, the business closed.  But my contributions can still be found here.

My Contributions

Website Design

Using WordPress, I created a streamlined website that was designed to convey the brand’s message and encourage users to engage with the content.  To do this, we used a simpe color scheme of orange and gray, informative copy, useful data, and custom-made graphics.

Search Engine Optimization

To get the website at the top of the SERPs, I first worked with the biz dev team to come up with a list of 10 keywords; a mix of long-tail, broad, and branded.  Then using the latest in white hat on-page optimization techniques, the website climbed the rankings quickly.

Graphic Design

Thanks to the Adobe Creative Suite, I was able to utilize Lightroom to touch up photographs, InDesign to create a printable brochure, and Illusrator to create UI wireframes. Photoshop was useful to create any featured images, social media shared images, or other marketing materials.

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I’m committed to helping small businesses make a difference online!  A functioning, active, and engaging website is crucial for acquiring new customers and retaining current ones.  Having experience with performing SEO and website design for tech startups, I can offer competitive website and digital marketing packages or consultation services to ensure that your influence on the web grows.

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